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  • Senior Algorithm EngineerHOT
    R&D Center | Software Department
    Number of recruiters:two人

    Shenzhen, Suzhou

    Date of issue:2022-07-14 15:13:53
  • operating duty

    1. Responsible for the algorithm development of 77GHz/79GHz millimeter wave radar, involving simulation design, signal processing, target tracking, data fusion, etc;

    2. Be responsible for defining radar performance indicators with the system team, and providing corresponding schemes according to project requirements, such as calibration methods;

    3. Assist embedded engineers in algorithm transplantation;

    4. Participate in the collection, processing, analysis and troubleshooting of field test and test data of the project;

    5. Be responsible for the pre research and import of new platforms and algorithms.


    1. Master degree or above, major in electronic information, communication engineering, radar and other signal processing; At least 3 years working experience in radar signal processing and target tracking;

    2. Familiar with the principle and method of FMCW radar digital signal processing, skilled in using Matlab/Python for simulation verification of signal processing related algorithms, and experience in signal processing of 77G vehicle mounted millimeter wave radar is preferred;

    3. Be familiar with the hardware principle of FMCW millimeter wave radar, and understand the array antenna;

    4. Have C/C++programming ability, and can assist embedded software engineers to transplant algorithms;

    5. The goal is clear, tenacious, logical, and has good communication, coordination and promotion ability.



    • Shenzhen company address

      ADD: 6F, Block 2, Sunmax Tech Park, Keyuan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
      TEL: 0755-23215221

    • Suzhou factory address

      ADD: No. 180, Suyang Road, Huangdai Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City
      TEL: 0512-68359858

    • Suzhou company address

      ADD: 18F, Gaorong Building, No. 77 Nantiancheng Road, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou